Slimline Buildings

helpt u om betere gebouwen te realiseren door toepassing van het Slimline vloerconcept. Met een ervaren team  van technische en commerciĆ«le specialisten begeleiden we u door het gehele proces, van ontwerp tot uitvoering.

Slimline Buildings levert een totaalconcept van plafond, installatieruimte en topvloer waarmee u in staat bent om effectief, efficiƫnt, licht en duurzaam te bouwen.

The Slimline Steel Floor Solution

Concrete Ceiling

presenta-01BBThe basis of Slimline is a concrete layer (70mm thick) with integrated steel beams and optional tubing system for climate control.
The basic module can be applied on both skeleton constructions and wall-bearing constructions.


Installation space

The steel beams contain openings, effectively resulting in one shaft area where all cables and pipes can be installed freely. Standard patterns have been designed for various applications of the Slimline system. The shaft contains enough room for air ducts, especially in situations where tubing is used for cooling and heating, since in those situations ducts are only used to ventilate. All installations are easily accessible through movable hatches in the subfloor. Frequently the Slimline team designs optimal subfloor patterns for our customers.


presenta-09BBThe subfloor is installed late in the construction process, allowing for postponement of the decision on the floor plan and position of rooms and chambers . Additionally, Slimline offers many possibilities to alter the floor plan after construction.

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Slimline Buildings welcomes your inquiries about the Slimline floor system. Please contact us to consult on your next project or with any questions.

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